What to look for in this sea of sharks.

I f you or a loved one has been contacted by the police, is under investigation, has been arrested or charged with a crime, the most important call you can make will be to a criminal defense attorney. Violating state and federal laws can bring very severe penalties. There is nothing more important than having an aggressive and experienced law firm on your side.

There are lawyers for every conceivable legal problem. However, if you are facing criminal charges your legal situation is totally different than any other legal problem. THE GOVERNMENT WANTS YOU PERSONALLY!

Think of how many times you have heard about someone who was released from prison after 20 years because he was falsely accused and convicted. This makes it all the more necessary to consult with a qualified criminal defense attorney. As scary as it sounds, just because you know that you are innocent does not mean that you will ultimately be found innocent.


1. Criminal defense is a highly specialized area of law.
We know the law, we know the system, we understand what you are going through, and we know how to get results. Los Angeles Criminal Defense will get the most respect from your judge and the prosecutor. We will be in a far superior position to advise you whether to go to trial. If the case is not likely to result not guilty verdict, we will do the investigation and file the necessary motions to obtain far superior results.

2. We may be able to keep charges from being pressed.
If charges have not been filed against you and the case is still under investigation, many times we can convince the prosecutor not to file charges at all. Not only do you avoid such a blemish on your record, but once the charges are filed it is often more difficult to have the charges dismissed all together.

Further, if the police have contacted you and want to speak to you (whether you are a witness, suspect, or target) the decision to speak to the police is best discussed with your attorney. Do not speak to the police without the advice of an attorney from Los Angeles Criminal Defense. Remember, lying to you is an approved method of investigation by the police in order to get you to make admissions that may be damaging to you and your case.

If you have already been charged, Los Angeles Criminal Defense may be able to get your charges reduced and in some cases dismissed.

3. We Build a Winning Defense
During the early stages of your case, we develop the best strategies and aggressively pursue them in your defense. Early planning gives us a head start on the prosecution and gives us more time to conduct thorough investigations and legal research. Only experienced and creative attorneys know what to look for and how to paint the best picture in your best interest.

Together, with your help, we build a winning defense. We utilize expert witnesses and investigators that are familiar with police tactics, approved by the courts, and have experience testifying. We research and prepare motions to attack the prosecution's case from all angles. Some of the motions that may be applicable in any given case are: Bail motions and release procedures, motions to quash warrants, to severe counts and defendants, to quash grand jury indictments, motions for eligibility for DEJ and Prop 36 courts, discovery motions, retrieval of records of adverse witnesses, trial publicity motions, speedy trial issues, continuances, change of venue, disqualification of judges, line-up and identification issues, search and seizure motions, motions to disclose the identity of informants, motions to set aside the information, immunity contracts, motions to dismiss, jury motions, in limine motions, motions to exclude statements of the accused, motions to limit the prosecutor's closing argument, motions to exclude prior convictions and bad acts, motions to strike strikes (Romero motions), sentencing briefs, trial writs and appeals, federal habeus corpus.

If jail time is inevitable, our exceptional staff may be able to get this jail time reduced or convince the court to allow a suitable alternative to jail time such as home monitoring, work furlough, Caltrans, or drug rehabilitation.

4.Your Legal Matter is Our Legal Matter
We look at each client as an individual, and make sure that the court views you as an individual. Our clients do not get lost in the busy court calendar, and your case gets the attention it deserves. We make sure that you understand the details of your case and the progress being made every step of the way. We review your case with you, answer your questions, and give you the information you need to make informed, intelligent decisions.


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