We know that you have high expectations and many choices. Our only focus is defending people, just like you, that are accused of committing a crime. You cannot afford to gamble with your future. Let us provide you and your loved ones the best legal representation at the best price.

We understand your particular situation requires individual attention and solutions. Our creative and experienced attorneys will work with you to solve each of your problems using our diverse legal skills. This unique approach allows us to meet your needs.

Throughout Southern California, our staff has earned the reputation as an aggressive yet professional advocacy team. Judges and prosecutors respect Los Angeles Criminal Defense because we don't allow our clients to be taken advantage of, We don’t lie to our clients to make our job easier, & MOST OF ALL, we know how to build a winning defense and how to present it at trial for the best results.

We treat our clients as we want to be treated, with dignity, respect and honesty. At your free case review, each client receives individual attention by a licensed attorney, has their questions answered and participates in the decision making process regarding their matter. Your legal matter is as important to us as it is to you.

So, to hire the best defense firm in Los Angeles with a face-to-face, no-charge & no-obligation case review, call us now to arrange your free consultation: (310) 202-6300.

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